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A beauty tip. Fantasy ice a stunning face, people do not see her desires. The Great General Wu dignified style, but today seems to be the same as the shells hit, depressed sitting at the table, but he kept only know to drink. The only fairly normal only nine Prince Li Zhi, his smile still is, one would say, and his sister palace interesting point, but also specifically looking for a topic for Wu wind had openings.
“brother ……” Princess Li Zhi backwards to the elegant wine, with the slightest sound cold also will issue a warning: “rare Jiuge chat today will have time to stay with my sister, but I’ve heard how nine brother recently there are many things to be busy ah? “
Li Zhi, how can I not hear his sister Huazhongyouhua,canada goose jackets, she was Xiazhukeling ah. Think, too, since the wind had approached the parked Wu Xiang Ge, and that his sister’s eyes, as if there is no use value, but like a light bulb, as his sister and Wu mingled in wind, forcing what they have words are embarrassed in front of him said.
“Oh …… right!” Lee suddenly remembered a clothing do something like tapping his forehead: “ah, I thank my sister reminded me finishing things are not really there, then my brother first left.” Then he really stood up and walked to the distance, just as he appeared as to the quick, go too fast. With instant
Wu Feng Li Zhi looked drink a toast to the left, while his mind is also thinking about ways how to break the deadlock himself and the princess now.
princess slowly get back into place, put her hand to the opposite side of the light wind the wine refilled Wu. Hearts of some regret resentment thinking:? “Wu wind of it today, in the end how I first met him, he was so Tanxiaoziruo, and his demeanor, momentum, and the kind of cruel and against the enemy when he aggressive, and today this submissive act, is entirely different person. Did he not Miss today? “
Then, in an instant princess for Miss wind pour again, she decided to break open a first example, because she really could not guess the opposite of that, “dead”, in the end what will be, and when she was a stalemate: “Wu generals, the Palace specially summoned you here today, to two things. “
“princess say.” Wu Feng found that when the princess began to discuss things with him when her sense of smell attractive also with the reduction, while the other shares Wei serious heavy feeling, but gradually increased. This phenomenon may be a pressure on the others, but for now Wu Feng, the transformation of the princess, no doubt, is to give him unpack. Because he’s the kind of princess who king momentum is not cold, but his desire for the princess is his biggest headache. Well now, the princess who’s getting light scent, but also the change in the wind Wu slowly getting back real self.
“This …… how could that be?” Princess of the expression of some surprise, her picturesque Liu Mei Qingzhou, mouth slightly open, the water hyacinth filled pretty puzzled, she did not understand, just shy man Wu also like the wind, now but there was a faint male stop the momentum of the world, being Kuangyong out of his body, that kind of pressure invincible, and that man’s true dignity, so that the Princess’s heart thrilled endless.
“Princess?” Wu wind cried some absences of her.
“Well …… Oh ……” Princess somewhat awkward hastened to adjust their mentality, she found the opposite Wu wind is at his smile. Do not know why, has never been so nervous princess, but today infected with the exception of two flower blush on her charming face: “This …… Wu generals, I am afraid the house sometimes rude, now we speak Reformed. “
Here princess stole describe the eye Wu Feng, found he did not care about his own gaffes, the hearts of the princess suddenly raised an emotional complain, then said: “This house looking for you this time is to two things, one is the last time you saved to the palace, and the palace and no thank generals, so here today prepared a Beaujolais,canada goose outlet, has thanked General saving grace. “
“! Thank Princess” 吴风谦 false smile: “This thing, please do not hang on the body princess, princess protection is the responsibility of subordinates Please Princess said second thing..”
“As for the second thing.” princess stood up and look into the distance: “This house has been allowed by Fu Huang, the day after tomorrow will be the day outside the capital to Buddha Mountain Lake, and the generals responsible for the safety of the palace this trip I do not know what the generals may have doubts? “
“Buddha?” 吴风怀 suspect princess looked, he saw a flash of fear in her eyes. It stands to reason, of course, is a good thing Buddha, but why would he go to protect her? Moreover, since it is the princess went to the Buddha, with regard to the identity of her patrol such a high, that she would guard bad? Most will not have a team of authentic Guards to protect it.
guess now for Wu Feng, princess then why do not you know? But, even so, she must go. Because, this is she wanted to arrange the emperor, whose main purpose is to permit a person to be a conspiracy, as to who this person is, but there is no evidence before the chisel, the princess does not want to expose him. Because the princess wanted to give the man a chance,cheap canada goose, after all he is a very important princess loved ones!
“generals there any doubt?” Princess asked.
“Oh …… do not …… No!” Although Wu style heart with all sorts of speculation, but now is not the time of his search for the truth. Moreover, these are the things they are royal, Wu Feng, what though his department, he just do things within their own just fine.
“no go!” Princess flashing a smile. Then she sat down opposite Miss wind: “So the generals to prepare for tomorrow, the day after tomorrow in the morning waiting for the doors Masanori Imperial Palace.”
“is” Wu wind got up to answer. And asked: “Princess, what is there to minister to explain it?”
“This ……” Princess wanted to use other topics, to delay and Wu Feng time together. However, at this moment, a woman aged larger walked beside her, she said: “Princess, your time and generals together for a long time already, please princess careful.”
woman just walked beside the princess, her position in the palace as a reference tone Division, said the point is to understand, or imperial palace of the Prince of each woman to remind people. They will have all the time with the royalty behind, ready to remind them of the emperor’s sons and daughters, to take into account their own identity, do not be too self-assertion.
rather expensive for the Princess Changle Since then she and a man with long, regardless of the man who will have a great influence on her reputation. So, she only turned silent, pretending to look to the distant look of majesty:. “That general would first go, the palace was tired.”
“Yes, that Robinson retire!” Then, Wu Feng turned away.
“Wu Feng” Look at the disappearing figure, princess of hearts with a touch of sadness: “Wu Feng, why do you not understand the heart of the palace it hey ……?”
“Princess! You should go back.”‘re thinking mind of the princess, was suddenly transferred to mention the words of the Secretary-fashioned awakened.
princess quietly depressed mind is not music, cold channel: “Do not you remind this house, if you later have the same mistake like this, let the house to kill the father of your head.”
“Error!” wiped sweat mention tune Division head, try and think of what they have done wrong. However, she is handled in accordance with the court Codex up ah? Is this also wrong? However, she also fills only think in my heart, who does not know Changle princess is the daughter of the emperor’s favorite, if one day the princess provoke anxious, she was really good package to tell the emperor there own one like, go there when he is not enough to cut ten heads, ah ……

second light Yan Huang thirty-fourth chapter Assassination (1)

Wu in the evening after the wind and the princess were a eunuch to convey the emperor’s mansion and oral instructions. Content much, just let him after the two hour, waiting for the capital to auspicious floor majesty the emperor.
“What things have to take the trouble to the emperor personally do?” Wu Feng little doubt, first princess named to his protection, and that is the secret of the emperor summoned the two is there any link?
with puzzling questions, Wu after the two hour winds arrive, the eunuch specified auspicious floor. And to the place he knew, were approximately auspicious floor signs, but it is a brilliant name out of a popular brothel.
girls here are picked and selected contestants from all over, as long as you come here, you do not need to pick, just a hug over all beauty. However, the price is high to the point where other people jingchan. There was a great wealth of the landed gentry come here, after three days, he not only spent all the money himself, and even his own family when he ares of farmland have been lost eighty percent, because the two just want to stay here One day, he was too obsessed with this place.
“So the emperor Why do you pick this place?” Wu suspicion increasingly heavy wind, he went to the door of a brothel. Suddenly, standing upstairs and downstairs screaming girls uttered a sound. Because, in front of the Wu style long is too handsome, and 1.85 in height, coupled with that Overlord like stalwart body, there was anger and prestige inherent momentum, let brothel girl in front of one of the bright. They think in a place like this, actually looked like there such a hero figure. Because, although these long beautiful girls, but they, after all, the wind took place in the woman, in this place, they do not look silver Man, but there are some silver face Hengrou National People’s Congress, or is fat Tyrant like pigs or courtiers, finally there will be some long still can guanjia son, and they are happy to do the tiles, the money spent, left, simply do not put women here as human beings .
at a time when Wu Feng is completely different, he appeared to enter into the auspicious floor where no trace of excessive behavior, and even treat these brothels and women are polite attitude is entirely a gentleman’s appearance on Even brothel madams think Wu wind is the wrong place. Because he was just on the second floor to a point where a few dishes, and then looked at play beneath the calm between clients and prostitutes.
“Yeah son …… hello look unfamiliar, is the first to come?” pimp’s face painted at least 10 layers of rouge, every word, on some Pink things falling from his face. She smiled and walked into Wu Feng, followed behind five long as the pretty girl: “You see, this is where we are five golden flowers, do not know what a son like it?”
“I ……” The others say they are Wu wind, suddenly thought of the emperor summoned himself, summoned a secret, since it is a secret summoned, he certainly did not want people to know. And when the eunuch messenger, saying only that it was in collusion auspicious natural building, is the collusion of people just talk to him this pimp it? “
“Oh …… is this you know this stuff?” Wu Feng took out a pocket from underwear brand, the brand appears to be a very ordinary iron manufacture. Lung engraved sign above the word, in the lower right Lung also engraved a relatively small “special” characters.
“You are ……” Eye kinds of pimps flashed ray naked, but she immediately went back to just smiling. Then, she waved to withdraw behind the girl and waved incense silk, pretended to bargain with Wu Feng: “yo, the uncle, would come here to spend money, you give the right price too.”
finish the sentence, the pimps blocked his face with a handkerchief Wu winds near the ear, outsiders saw only considered to be any way to seduce guests pimps Thinking again, but the wind was heard Wu him know the news . With a handkerchief to cover pimps wind Wu said:. “You are the original Wu generals, forgive villain Yanzhuo, did not discover the identity of adults are now adults do as I say, from someone led you to see that you want to see people. “said, pimps will have to do the one thing about Wu Feng made an explanation.
“Yeah …… one hundred and two thousand!!!” pimp Wu left the wind, took out a drafts from their sleeves in, and down the hall in public swagger back: “Grandpa really good handwriting ah , a shot is one hundred and two thousand drafts, red, moon child, Fantasy, Come greet the uncle ah …… “
“came …… mother ……” This has been the master of the three girls, after hearing the call of pimps, they are busy with a smile and a man beside himself accompanied not, the next surprise in the eyes of others, They still go to the second floor, smiling Wu wind.
“Grandpa, you long for a good mighty ah ……” girl named Alice, in a side wind Wu sat down near her arms, ostensibly and Wu Feng philandering, but secretly hugged Wu Wind neck laughing: “General, we are the masters of the liner arranged here, please do not panic, you are now in the month for a child to go to his room just fine.”
Wu Feng smile, pretend to do back round the girl, but some action but deadlocked obvious: “Well, I know, just your mother and I have talked about.”
“That’s good!” red pointing beside another girl, his face an unhappy look: “yo, uncle despise Nujia, but spotted Nujia sister Yeah, it seems really Nujia Is nobody wanted it! “
finish, red wind from Wu’s body sat up and pulled the girl child named month:. “sister, oh well Shihou uncle, but he is the first to come here.”
“knew her sister” Moon children exposed charming smile and pull Wu Feng’s hand: “Grandpa, you follow Nujia to my room right there is a good thing to give Nujia uncle look?.”
“! Oh, that’s not brisk” in order to make themselves look really like clients, Wu Feng also deliberately indulge themselves once in the last month of a child’s little ass shot: “Come on!”
month child knowing her tightly against the wind chest Wu and Wu style led to her boudoir.
After entering the room, Wu wind gently straining, and still leaning his arms on children pull a certain distance, while the monthly child is shoved surprised, found himself in the wind and Wu separately after her little face flashed a trace of the lost, but soon resumed as usual:. “General, you wait a bit.”
month children went to the door, through the door to see the outside of the case, no one is really determined to monitor after she went around behind the Wu style, and at the bedside groping anything until outgoing snip gave the Qing Xiang This is a landscape painting hanging on the wall, there has been a hole for people to be out of.
“Come in general, you want to see people in there waiting for you.” moon child out of pocket to an ignition Huozhe Zi Wu wind, then she in the next, and so on Wu Feng after entering the hole, the monthly child Again the bed and close the authorities. Then, she touched his little face just leaning on Wu wind chest, slowly lying in bed, mouth as if saying something: “I thought my heart was dead …… but why did he appear too ? Wu Feng, Wu generals …… “
into the hole of the Wu style, through the hands Huozhe Zi found many torches for lighting on the walls. However, Wu Feng believes in this hole do not need a torch, because he could clearly see the hole everything. But Wu did not think the wind, which is only relative to him, If you let other people stand here then, let alone read, and even the torch lit walk unusual difficulties will.
walked about five minutes, Wu Feng see not far in front, there are two guys standing there guarding. He went over, Han also then find someone over. One of Wu Han in the wind and took a few steps forward, he recognized the Wu style identity. They both salute: “Li …… daytime, seen generals, the emperor has been in there more of.”

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Since,canada goose outlet, for the first time – he was so wanton indulgence of her desire,cheap canada goose, any deep-seated love avalanche swept everything, he let it engulfed him buried.
whether she is in what capacity, whether she is male or female, his heart is only one voice in the crazy shouting he wants her! He wants her!
a study into the magic, an idea the Buddha, the origin edge off,canada goose jackets, eventually falling seamless.
moment he kissed her, long cardiopulmonary Christine felt the chill of cold Toru …… as if every nerve had been frozen in general, stiff body shivering reflex that even becomes difficult as the crack-like head up …… to pain, as if what insolent buzzing in his head, and inch by inch engulf the remnants of consciousness, everything will be all swept …… she only saw a pair of brown eyes, then completely covered with thick flesh, when his cold lips once again fell between her neck, her whole body trembled violently irrepressible ……
like the weakest layer of paper, you want to block the cold wind. Once the paper is pierce, they will mercilessly Lie wind blowing rickety not straight up.
how to do that? Now how do? Is pushed him stagger and fled, still fiercely thrown him a slap in the face …… the other is his own nine have been loved uncle ah, yes than anyone intimate nine uncle ah, why would this be, and why? She did not even dare to look back again, he just said that she would rather believe that nine uncle …… just drunk, but when he says that those drunken nonsense, chaos temper ……
just why she would be so scared, even when faced with a mighty force had not had such a fear ……
like what fear is about to completely collapse ……
completely lost any resistance to collapse ……
that very moment, the door suddenly a voice rang out, “The emperor, minister to announce his military emergency!”
high Cham action paused slightly, angrily, “Go away!”
long Christine was shaking even more powerful, this sounds familiar to her, and how might
slammed the door was forced open, plop a figure kneeling in the doorway, and again broke and said, “The emperor, minister to announce his military literally on fire!”
high Cham rage, picked up the bedside candle holder who smashed in the past on the TV drama, snapped, “for I Get out!”
stared long Christine incredible that people really, really is Hulv constant gal!
too far apart, she totally see his expression, but still will face twisted to one side, I really do not want to …… so he saw himself like this ……
“the emperor, the emperor 周国皇 Yuwen Yong Yu Jia foreign crusades, two hundred thousand troops have arrived under the Luoyang city, please send the army to Luoyang emperor speed rescue!” constant gamma is always calm tone.
“What?” high Cham’s face changed.
Although this is a very bad news, but this time the long-Christine, but it is no longer able to rescue more timely than this news. While he was distracted moment, she tried my best to push him stand up out of bed, legs and soft, splash knelt down and whispered, “The emperor, please let Robinson led the army immediately rushed to Luoyang to Luoyang solution siege! “
“the emperor, the matter without delay, once compromised Luoyang city, Zhou Jun Ye can be directed at the city.” constant gamma paused, “Please allow the emperor and King Lan Ling-chen night starting with the military.”
long faces there Christine see Uncle Yu nine colors, the Xinyi Heng, heavy knock down, “Please allow the emperor Chen starting immediately, the minister must like last week’s Army and the Turks back home!”
high Cham quickly hand hold her, let her continue to knock down, not with any mood to listen to the voice said something, “I associate the.”
“Thank emperor, thank the emperor!” Long Christine relief like a sigh of relief, struggling to stand up, step by step, went to the door, the constant gamma timely hold her hand, and she looked up, but still see the look on his face.
“Hulv constant gamma, you trespass palace, I will wait for you to come back again chastised in you.” Gao Zhan spoke coldly.
constant gamma down meaningfully laughed, “The emperor, when Robinson got into the palace? minister Warrior Lanling together tonight and went to Luoyang, in addition, has done nothing else, nothing to see.”
eyes of a convergence of high Cham, waved his hand, “all go on.”
taken long Christine on the threshold of the moment, she heard behind her high Cham Huanliaoyisheng her name, that moment she felt his voice changed.
is no longer the same as cold glass transparent sound quality, no longer confused with lust.
as Zheng Qin subtle vibrato, a little bit of change, but it is so despair and fear, as to lose the most important thing in life a thing like.
it seems to lose himself.
She paused, but did not say anything, followed by a constant straight gal went out.
in the darkening light, high Cham a man sitting on the couch all alone, silent. Seems necessary and darkness even as one. He stared at the darkness, aimless, for the first time, thought nothing, just feel exhausted. This feeling of emptiness welling up quickly, cold around him.
Even those dim stars, but also farther away from him.
finally all sunk, he will fall into pure darkness.
this step, he finally was taken to go. But, kick Ta, fell to pieces, all in the past, and no recognizable.
(Friendly collected by the

“72″ Part II Chapter 72 attack

a room, he took a long constant gamma Christine’s hand, quickly move forward, has been out of the palace, he stopped down. Christine discovered that his long looking though a quiet, actually full of palms sweat.
They looked at each other, but said nothing, only to hear that echo each other in shock at the sound of the heartbeat.
“Hang gal, I ……” She only said a few words whispered, suddenly he owned into his arms, his warm chest and slender arms tightly surrounded her, like a gentle and careful nursing the world’s most vulnerable fragile treasures. She did not struggle, but feebly arrived at his Jianwo, so fragile and helpless, both in body and voice trembling slightly,
“Hang gal, I’m afraid.”
“I know, I know,” he muttered like a comforting like, tightly hugged her tighter, “all right, Christine Long, all right ……”
phase Gu Shen Ning, each heart beat sounds are heard clearly.
that ring clear and rapid, and finally, slowly, slowly, steadily up.
I do not know how long, she slowly lifted his head, the constant gamma look deeply into her eyes go, her eyes deep as the world’s butterflies, weakly fear sadness he could not resist the …… gently stroking her eyes, feel her eyelashes in the palm gently closed up, then open, like the shadow summer tree leaves. Lift your finger, her hair hidden under the black eye pupil crushed by the slack of trance slowly gather together all the staggered thoughts gradually recovered.
“constant gamma, are you scared?” she suddenly asked.
“Of course scared,” he was by no denial, “trespass palace, the emperor can always killed me.”
“But ……” She bit her lip, “Why?”
“I was entrusted by the third brother you come here, they overheard the ladies said Qingyun placed aphrodisiac Magic of the temple, so ……”
“Magic of aphrodisiac?” Hearing these words, her face was a strange expression, or, more like a relieved expression. No wonder she entered the room to find a strange smell, the original Magic of, so to say, nine uncle suddenly crazy big hair, say many, many nonsense, done that horrible thing, just because of this only, are This Magic of the reason …… so …… that’s not necessarily the nine uncle’s fault, not his fault ……
she repeated to myself over and over again in my heart, it seems that the only way to make her forget the earlier scene.
“Fortunately, there is an emergency military sent, I just rushed as an excuse.” His face also floated a hint of luck look. Christine
long hesitated, “Well, if there is no military to constant gamma how would you do?”
“ah, I can only lied to you San sudden serious illness, so make haste back.”
“you, you really say that? If that was exposed, you just really want a constant gamma life was not guaranteed.” She looked at him puzzled.
“Maybe.” He laughed slightly, if it seems like no warm breath, with a delicate sense of touch and pressure, ironing stroking from her limbs, like a soft spring breeze.
“Yes, in the end is who will treat me so badly and nine uncle?” Meditation gradually clear, she immediately thought of this more important things.
“I do not know.” he Heimou Qingbotouming but deep cover by suppression, deep thoughts, like thousands of years old well water, indifferent not scared.
“If you let me know who did it, I will not let him ……” Her eyes quickly Lueqi a burst kill.
“Long Gong, the emperor for you ……”
“the emperor’s nephew I just love!” She looks complicated interrupted him, “You see, it was all Magic of relationship! how nine uncle might like his nephew!”
constant gamma dark eyes light walk, what seems to restrain live, lightly, “Then go back and get ready to go to Luoyang starting it.”
“Hang gal,” she seemed to think of something, “Do not do today, say to anyone, including third brother ……”
constant gamma lips evoke a temperature of no arc, “I understand.” There are many outside
Ye endless mountains, across the gray sky only to see some smooth and hazy lines, even though the summer is coming, or some cold night wind, with the aroma of flowers, but because, it seems there has been a modest warm layer of meaning. Day party appeared bright shimmer, is already the dawn. Christine
long this time, has been put on a military uniform, uncertain morning gallop in color. Due to the urgency of the situation in Luoyang, so she took the first and constant Ka thousand elite cavalry advance, day and night, and Chi Ma kept interest rates, after five days and nights the South crossed the Yellow River, leading to Luoyang, and stationed down in Mangshan. This Mang is a natural barrier to the north of Luoyang, Qi familiar with the terrain, quickly seize the hill, according to high-Pro, recharge your batteries, waiting for the arrival segment Los army. Put on Mangshan head around, you can see the enemy camp surplus wild, shield plug world. Zhou so many people face potential heavy army, long Christine natural light into dare not rashly, Kim Yong inaccessible Luoyang city, can only stay in the sidelines, looking for the right opportunity to break through. within weeks under military camp
Mang, the young Emperor Yong 王宇文 listened impassively positive returns spies.
“announce his emperor, the great general of King Lan Ling Qi has been with a thousand cavalry stationed at the top of Mangshan, but the past few days are nothing happened.”
Yuwen Yong looked up the layers of the forest, but my mind was filled with an unprecedented look, who’s well-known on this Mangshan Warrior Lanling on, as if in close proximity. Have heard many rumors about him, and now, finally get to see the true colors of the ……
“the emperor, that King Lan Ling anything, mostly waiting for reinforcements, as we must take this opportunity to attack them, if they can kill King Lan Ling, must be able to boost morale, bang capture Luoyang!” accompanying Xi Wu look boldly suggested, the last defeat at the hands of Hulv constant Buddha, he has been brooding.
“Warrior Lanling these figures, it is a pity to kill, as captured, let him be mine big week.” General Wang Xiong seems quite cherish intended.
“I think we should continue to attack Luoyang, as long as the King Lan Ling stuck here with some troops, their reinforcements would not arrive Kim Yong city.” Some people said. Several
you a commander, I argue sentence, suddenly heard Wang Xiong said, “As the saying goes, we must remember, Qi certainly unexpected, we will attack them, it is better to let the leadership prowess of weekend Veteran twenty people, night attack Qi camp, kill them one by surprise, captured King Lan Ling! “
Yuwen Yong slight movement of the mouth, “King General, you ……”
“This move is certainly not enough honorable, but King Lan Ling is the scourge of my big weeks, is called fair in war, if you lose the King Lan Ling, Qi is like a mess, set a military order in this weekend, and he will capture to dedicated to the emperor! “Wang Xiong plop knelt down, said with a look of pride.
Yuwen Yong gazed slowly setting sun, began, “if not captured, killed him.”
Meanwhile, long and constant gamma Christine also was standing mangshan overlooking the sunset on the deliberations of the medication to deal with the enemy.
“Long Gong, General section reinforcements soon arrived, then how are you going to do?” Constant gal looked at her, “but even to the reinforcements, the army’s strength was accounted for under the wind. could not highlight surrounded by the city to Kim Yong number is also unknown. “
“It can not,” Long Christine slightly raised the mouth, pointed to the mountain, “Hang gal, you see the terrain, in order to win only one way.”
constant gal looked a hillside, suddenly shines, “You mean to lure them up the hill against the war?”
“is indeed a fox!” she praised the cry, “We are excited to be in the language, and then deliberately battle and retreat, lure them” uphill against the war. “You see them mainly composed of infantry, cavalry dominated our places So and so their infantry struggling to climb up the hill, slowly asthma tired when we re down from his horse, by the will of the terrain, release the power of long storage, cleavers. reinforcements arrive if the general section, let them divided into two wings timely surprise attack over from the array, when Zhou Jun bound into confusion, while they panic occasion, I would rate five hundred cavalry Deus Ex, Kim Yong City went straight down, into the city after my military cooperation with defenders charger one, open the gates, the momentum out. you and the army led by General section, inside and outside with my attack, brave chase tottering foe, killing the Zhou Jun Pianjiabuliu! “
breath she said this many, could not help but reveal a slight smirk, side head look constant gamma, “Fox, do you think?” Under
sunset, her smile Shining Light, bright unparalleled, think of that night trembling, his face frightened her, his heart began aching, almost, almost would not protect her ……
“good idea, but you can not underestimate Zhou Jun, even if our reinforcements arrived, their numbers are still far more than us, victory or defeat can not be broken on this theory.” he paused, “maybe they waiting for us reinforcements arrived, we can fall into children solved. “
“Fox, you do not long ambition of others do,” she had some displeasure glared at him, “You’re looking at it, I’ll play them defeated!”
He smiled, turned to look at the horizon. No one ever seems to pay attention too, no remote eastern dusk when the setting sun sink in the west lofty magnificent glow, but any dark quietly and slowly eroded. The world seems to have tranquility from the hustle and bustle. In fact, this is not a low-key introverted better? No sorrow crimson, no eye-catching golden. Night and day this is not clear, just like how much love is also not a single standard to measure the same. Yet it is this vague boundaries of the achievements of the many unknown beautiful, just at the moment the sky blue ink spread, as if already become one until the end of the world, the proliferation of the everlasting eternal vows.
as long as he tarried at her side, in the shadow beside the light. When she fell, I caught her with a strong arm. When she wants to fly, the first piece of the sky for her clearance.
That night, the moonlight blurred.
under long-Christine’s insistence that this is finally and constant gamma divided Jun Zhang, even though he is still here dawdle hang on, but I think she is ruthless kick out of the off-balance.
because I wanted a good response, the mood relaxed, so she fell asleep early.
approaching midnight, she was awakened by a burst of subtle sounds, opened his eyes one, suddenly shocked

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Almost can not wait to put her called. She came a step by step voice makes me even more nervous, I say, blame him? Finally, I anxiously asked her whereabouts.
my willow was as calm and cool, kind and attentive, no one knows more about the world than I do her. Bath, I deliberately seduce her, she embarrassed me undress, and I imagine the same wonderful touch, God knows how much I had to endure the pain, even with the body to keep her, I also willingly.
night I slept very well, the first laugh,canada goose outlet, feel good.
I rarely eat, they brought things are just tasted two, but Liu is very concerned about my body, she began to teach me how to distinguish food. So I thought of a good idea, I would starve myself, let me stay with Willow, I was stubborn people around how to persuade does not work, I found a willow.
our relationship began to improve, Liu no longer afraid of me, but more like education husband’s wife, I like to see him on my angry look, like she told me helpless sigh, he saw my face like crazy look, all in all, I feel Yoo spoil me.
though only a little bit of willow on my goodwill, I felt the hope to live, I have been convinced that as long as I spoil a willow, love her, indulge her, Willow will love me. South of the line
undoubtedly promote the relationship between us, with a carriage ride on I can do anything tirelessly looked at her, of course, I would fall asleep in Willow, eat his tofu, the kind of touch Let me put it down.
Tobacco and the woman I did not know, but I fancy that the Feng Lin piano, and my king jade is one pair, she do not deserve. I wanted her to take it over to my willow, but she was angry.
my heart cold.
————————————————- ————————
hey, began to write a special episode jelly Lan, Lan lovestruck Oh, and some move on? Depressed, not recommended, angry ing.
fifty-third episode of Chapter 2

For Liu, I carefully maintain a relationship, I think I can do anything for him. Jiangnan Tour for the first time I let her in danger, she disappeared, and I could not find a search of the entire southern trace of him, my heart never had a panic, I blame myself, obviously you can always anywhere to accompany his side, the side of those dark Wei inherently unreliable, obviously I protect her. That night I killed to protect her owner, their dereliction of duty to make my willow in danger, which is absolutely not allowed.
I mobilized the snow team, so efficiency will relieve my anxiety. Follow their instructions came to a wilderness hut, almost can not wait rushed to her pale, these days must have eaten a lot of pain, I think so distressed to die. Li Ming Xuan
Damn, he actually dared to hurt my willow, willow do to maintain calm despite, but my willow, ah, how could fool me? Just look in the slightest pain will make me look real. I can get violent atmosphere control, but that moment is almost uncontrolled vent out, even in the mad, when only one person in mind, Yan Liu. She is like my life to control my every move.
With a threat, I am more careful of my baby, what people are not hurt her. Liu gradually I also have a good impression on me, bit by bit, creeks converging rivers, I would like a storage room with the baby as carefully cherished.
back Shengxue Palace, all of the messages can not escape my eyes and ears. The man Yan Qing Liu and actually let me go with her, fleeing to me, this is absolutely not allowed. I had anger, but as I said, everything is secretly vent, no one knows, because I was afraid of Liu therefore hate me.
I have a small plot, with Jia Yu Gu things, my willow away, do not give him any chance. Liu agreed to go with me at the moment, as if all the miracles, good luck happen to me. That I was not considered, Liu choice is me.
Then I started the second part of the plan, and that is where my mother and I live together, where the beautiful scenery, there are also innocent of my laughter, but there just gives me good memories, with no other meaning. I do not want this cause estrangement between me and willow.
beautiful countryside wild, natural beauty, all my desire that day broke, her warm to the touch, delicate skin, put it down and back, all in front of her sanity collapse. I could bear, not stopped, a hot wave waves of advancing to my body, something beneath me even more excited. Sentimental response, sweet feeling moist, wonderful body,canada goose jackets, everything holy kiss me, dreaming, I can only incarnation of the beast, a strong possession of her. Even the painful shen Yin, can only cause me more excited.
green violet purple hickey over the body, dripping red liquid on white Shayi, tiredness fainting, pale red tide, I finally took possession of the real, the kind of big satisfaction, long-standing sense of unease, suddenly filled,cheap canada goose, and I hold willow, over and over again with a kiss baptism of her body, inner thighs, nipples, clavicle, the cloth on my toes all traces of the day I’ve been silly smile, that was the first once felt, God is really good for me.
in the lake, the man who opened his eyes slowly, on cue, to be scolded, but also wreck. I feel very unhappy, lips quibble with: Willow is voluntary. But more like a cat that ate the canary entertain.
stained willow this poison is really more on the more addiction, every day I’m like a jealous woman desires satisfied, one to prevent my baby was thinking about other people, but also from time to time in her mooch.
daily greatest wish is to be able to do in bed and willow sport, activity tibia. Original gray light of life appeared in the little guy’s actually so looking forward to, and now I feel that I have is the happiest person in the world. Because I promised her, never in front of his murder, it was not the moment to say casually, I implemented a little bit, so I let go of my greatest threat to the three princes and those hateful antiques. She left holding the dirty world, her world would be for me to guard.
my holy snow palace, Liu seems to be the hostess, who will be a mistake to her for help, and I condone this phenomenon, she want to do on how to do this is her world, he should call the shots . Shengxue palace these days is my happiest moments, gazing, sleeping together, there is no sense of security I like to find a straw-like grasp.
from fear to fall in love, for my love Willow deeper, she never knew, my love for her than her dark forever, from childhood to the present, is always a feeling about the outcome. Afraid to disappear in front of instant happiness.
Fanghuguishan, attracted the eyes of the consequences. I’m not afraid of them, to be honest, a holy enough to withstand a snow palace national army’s strength, I created a dark team, there is no chance to come in handy. If their only chance is to Liu, the greatest danger Willow encounter, and this is what worries me most.
really worried that happened, so he is in danger again, I could be so proud of insignificance has always been strong, even the most beloved woman can not protect.
I connected with her mind, her every look, every movement, I can expect his ideas. Love can make each other unconditionally to pay, Liu also prepared to do so. She thought she was dead, I would not have been a threat, do not hurt me, on the contrary, he’s such a selfish thought broke my heart. Without her I’m dead, not as hasty to go. I also selfish for a while, I do not want to lose him carrying pain I left alone.
Liu, the last one of tenderness, cliff jump, the exhaustion of the body’s internal forces protect your safety. Two people who love each other is a common die wonderful thing, but Liu is very painlessly, I feel bad my baby. Forgive me selfish one back, just because I love you.
flying down, my eyes always be your shadow, a little guy, a warm smile; calm you grow up with your every move imprinted in here, how can you forget it? Ice Palace in St.
night then pour Lan died career end, major sects into the woods to the end, martial arts ushered in a brief five years of calm, five years later what will cause a storm?
————————————————- ————————
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Chapter 54 years love Yi

instant rush of five years, five years ago, the major sects of rivers and lakes, a Daughter by night, according to witnesses at the time that it was a battle each night, like a mighty force to the entire arena tidal potential hit, White garments, like a fairy’s military posture, Huashan, Kongtong, Wudang …… overnight ashes.
Shengxue Palace has become a martial arts heroes overnight, will run for four Megatron God the world, the world of human Palace in St. snow lead. While another nearly five years, there has been a holy snow palace red hair, murderous Cloth Miyaji, detached antidote to poison the occult world famous, no solution can not poison him, but he did not die of poisoning people. The people of the world have come to turn to him, but there is the mysterious ruler of the three principles.
not save the court first human, from the emperor down to the little jailer, murderous Cloth definitely not for treatment.
rescued the second person, must run to their own treasures as treatment fees. So if not fatal illness, no one will come Shengxue palace doctor.
third sects against each other, fight the dark wins out of people coming in for treatment, he will owe a holy snow palace life, and from now on for Shengxue their lives forever. So Shengxue Palace overnight from demon Palace, into a martial arts master.
same year, the rivers and lakes of the major forces have pushed to rebuild the martial arts influence. A rapid rise in the north country house called Night dynasty, the rapid increase in the number of people of Miyagi night within five years, and at great speed as the Central Plains court propulsion, Miyagi night I heard the people live and work within the same time there are superb attack force, we can say the people there can be worth army. The most mysterious is that on the night of the palace of the king, but a black mask with a silver semi-concealed, although only half of the true capacity, but there is enough to make the world a choking face, while the city of Miyagi night but respect for the people for the gods on their king.
can say that in the past five years, the speed of development Miyagi night, comparable to the Central Plains Shengxue first Omiya Palace.
previous year ice, crystal clear, and the world views of the pool here is everything that a man like fairy left me without his day, here is a limbo, no popularity, no hope.
yugao hall, it became my sole bedroom, all office, all of the meal will be here, so his breath would forever infiltrating my body, even a little bit, I have fame or fortune.
“Yan, you’ve changed.” outside people already standing in the doorway, just quietly watching pensive woman in red, bright red color that what he says, from the ashes of Phoenix, enchanting beauty. But he knows everything, just to the dead man.
“green, you have come.” red woman turned his head, faded Chill-sided, only this time she is gentle, like a cup of warm spring water flows into the heart.
“is back, this time the task very well.” Yan Qing somewhat melancholy thought, then why not for yourself in front of people doing everything. Snow Palace to St. devote their all.
me gently away from the seat, afraid to disrupt the original everything here, decorated exactly where that person before leaving, even Mirage also be differentiable solution Acacia intolerable.
slowly pull the door, gentle movements, like the noise of her favorite baby.
Lan, leave me for five years, and he faded to tender five years ago, the embodiment of murderous garments, all for the sole guardian of my favorite people in all, he created here, because also the reason I came guardian for him. However, five years, how can you not appeared, pulling your favorite willow, praise me do more good. Tired, Lan, you bear it?
government hall, the four begin with God in place, everyone here is walking away from Lan become more cold, but also because of excessive Los Shame blame yourself, spent two years in a pool of blood, he blood pool came out, who was covered in blood, tired, hard to imagine what kind of force to support him now, but his breath was becoming more powerful.
“ruler.” respectfully bow down to four people, so everyone recognizes Yen Liu.
“What great things?” My face was cold, had to laugh so extravagant things are dead within five years.
“Dynasty palace like a night to promote the Central Plains region, the region in recent weeks have been his break, but in recent years, as the court did not have a lot of, I’m afraid not support long.” Mu repair case report, to be honest here, everyone anxious to court as soon as possible regime change, but for the original three princes Hony, their ruler night pour Lan Ya why would perish end of it?
night just listening to the name of the dynasty palace, difficult as the throbbing heart: “Do you have any kind of view?”
“under the view that the emergence of the Palace of the night though weakened the power of the court, but for the world’s largest palace of the Holy Temple had a threat of snow had proof. Miyaji night and night Mexican, who masks cover face, erratic movements, can hold up huge dynasty short period of time, ordinary people can not be underestimated in this single-handedly. “spent Seiitsu changed in the past playboy image, solemnly said.
really Shengxue house rules at the beginning, they gave me a promise big help, indeed very comprehensive analysis,
“Well, Mu repair, sent night palace comprehensive monitoring every move, the court of the things we do not intervene, but the more I can not let them Shengxue perimeter step.” dangerous voice reminds, cold voice, but people have kind of desire compliance.
those who quit their hall, empty and left me alone.
Lan, you know? Every day without you how sorry you spoiled your gentle, deep love of the bone marrow, so I have adapted your arms, dehydrated fish how to live? You have left long enough, and I’m going to forget their long existence.
you let me live, I’ll listen to you, as you hold up everything, but my world without you. If alive for me is a torment, Lan,

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Him: “Well,cheap canada goose, do not look, you can eat it.”
“like watching you eat, watching you eat I’ll eat the ……” Trafalgar very cute toot mouth laughs.
I gently smile, continue to eat my food: “Well afford, multi-saving food Ah, I can eat.”
“I remember that you just are not ready to say what you want to prevent stomach under? how …… now not afraid of you?” Trafalgar forefinger point of the chin, grumbles Pakistan said.
watching his movements so cute, I almost ate everything sprayed out. The spirit of the principle can not be wasted, I choked back a smile to swallow food, pick up an egg handed Trafalgar mouth: “I want you to eat it, do not always make some moves so cute, very seduce people na. “
Trafalgar wrinkled his nose, mouth bit off a piece of egg, smiling, he said: “I want you to feed me.” again snappily white at him: “! you love to eat it.”
finally picked up his old began obediently chopsticks to eat. But less than honest for a moment, he picked up a rib handed my mouth: “well-behaved cat, mouth.”
I looked faint look at him, and then went to eat. Trafalgar see me pay any attention to him, he began to lie.
“Cat, Come on, eat an A …” I still pay any attention to him.
“cats,canada goose outlet, people hand ache ……” Trafalgar Sa Zhejiao with soft tone, although very cute, but I still ignored him.
“This is really good to eat yo ribs, or a big guy Hey Yeah, you really do not eat?”
“cat ……” spoiled aggravated tone.
After a while, it is estimated that the hand is really sore,canada goose jackets, see I have to pay any attention to him, Trafalgar hand ready to retract. Stretch back chopsticks, I head out at lightning speed suddenly bit off a piece of pork, then flattered chewing. Trafalgar did not think I’d come so suddenly look, suddenly stunned.
“ah, really good,” spit the bones, I said: “This is really good to eat ribs.” Trafalgar This response came: “
you are too cunning of it! “He grumbles bar, looked at me very unhappy.
Hey I smile, said:. “general general, I am very humble, low-key.”
Trafalgar grunted, will head to one side: “I ignore you!”
angry at him, I suddenly felt very happy, could not help but laugh. The Trafalgar really glanced at me, been born TV drama somehow stuffiness. He is now a more accurate estimate.
cried until I touched the belly hold, Trafalgar he really has been born with the side of the head glanced inexplicable stuffiness. I’m saying I do not really know where to offend him, but look at him, really cute. People can not help but want to bully him. (Blood Rao: his own delight in the suffering of the people of Azerbaijan … so bad bad cat: Enough talk, you are not the virtues of blood Rao: Hey, do not talk nonsense good, pure powder can house cat: evil …… go codeword it for you!)
I stood up: “! I eat it,” Trafalgar no movement.
I rely on into the sofa:. “wow, good support Ah do not want to move ……” Trafalgar glanced at me, and I understand that he was saying I was a pig.
I stumbled on the sofa Menheng: “Ah, a little sleepy it ……” I glanced at Trafalgar, glimpsed the edge of the veins on his forehead. Ah, have stimulated.
“ah, go out good. Incidentally, you can also see if there is a guy to romance ……” I have not got one, Trafalgar has not help.
“also encounter it, you eat it with a pig, like, whoever you still there Ah …… Ah, I am so big guy on here that you do not, you go looking to find out what …… Well, True to eat, who raised yo …… since you went by eating on the sofa, began to fall asleep, you are really a pig it …… Well, fat dead! “
I faint glanced at him: “What if I really fat with a pig about it, you still do not want me?” I looked
Trafalgar teeth, facial complexion change fast na, tut …… After a while, he jumped teeth one word: “! should”
I looked at him pretending to be naive: “You do not say how now ignore any connection with my friends talking to me??” Trafalgar looked at me bitterly: “waiting for a woman to coax me an idiot, results She not only did not coax, also went mad at me, “Trafalgar fiercely stare at me, I’m just being told: that is you.
I jumped up from the couch, smiling at him: “Well, this girl Chi Diankui, rock hello up.”
“Humph!” Trafalgar just give me a reply twang and a back.
funny watching him, I went over: “Do not be angry now, angry, will grow old fast … it is not handsome it!” Trafalgar ignored me.
I bounced in front of Trafalgar, funny watching the big boys sulking:. “line Ah, the old angry boy doing” Trafalgar snappily said: “The boys will not be angry it!” I quickly shook his head:. “? than not you see I have to coax you anyway, that you are not, do not get angry anymore wait for the next packed dishes, I’ll take you out for a walk is good,” I blinked at him.
“I’m not a pet, you have to walk it …… I pick up chopsticks ……” Trafalgar muttered, not loud, just let me hear it.
I could have been quite amusing people, but also no patience. See Trafalgar way, I very simply sat down on the sofa and asked: “! Well, you say, you are not going to get angry.”
Carter, Trafalgar turned and looked at me: “What? can.”
“not too much will do!” waved my hands, very chic said.
Trafalgar looked at me smiling: “kiss me, I will not get angry and then packed dishes, go out for a walk..”
I looked up at him: “What, I could not hear you say it again?”
Trafalgar looked at me, sentence by sentence, said: “! I – want – you – kiss – me – down”
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Chapter 92 Lost and Delirious
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I write too much: “Do not too much ……”
“How much it,” Trafalgar and pursed his mouth: “Is not kiss it, such a big guy like you put a small request, you do not meet it!”
I was completely defeated …… how can he kept saying that he was such a great guy Ah! In vain I thought he was a cold-type cool guys do. Too, will afford a career with cold Mu virtue. (Cold Mu career: my business?)
“would kiss Oh ……” stood up and walked in front of Trafalgar said. Trafalgar smiling nod, looks like a large and well-behaved cat.
help but rolled his eyes, lifted my hands Trafalgar’s face and said: “Well, look on your long parts …… pretty good,” he finished, Dianqi foot in his lips fiercely kissed.
Trafalgar slightly surprised a moment, then his hands around my waist. I looked at his eyes smile, he tried to leave his lips, he suddenly latch onto my lips. Instant, proactive people into him.
Trafalgar dexterous tongue is very easy to pry my teeth got into the mouth, seduce my tongue. I looked at Trafalgar that brown eyes could not help but start to respond slowly Trafalgar him …… a little pressure, and together they collapsed on the sofa …… Trafalgar lips finally left my lips, he look at me. (Blood Rao: children’s shoes, this is my side trembling while writing out A …… write a word about the A …… I tremble for kissing psychological shadow A …… you have to sympathize with me Ah ……)
I looked at the eyes of the reaction Trafalgar undisguised lust and lower body, and I have no doubt that he really will eat me. The most strange thing is, I did not push him, but for this kind of familiar feeling kiss. I was staring at Trafalgar, is it really what he ……
“Look, I really will eat you ……” said a hoarse voice and charm from Trafalgar out of his mouth, full of temptation. He was playing with my hair, one hand across my brow, face, nose, lips and finally stopped. Trafalgar slightly licked his tongue and said: “Your lips, really big attraction for me ……”
slightly licking tongue, with a slight tingling seems swollen. Trafalgar looked on the eyes, he smiled and said: “This is your first seduce me ……” And then down again and kissed my lips.
A Oh, what once had been kissed …… Why are so fond kiss me? So yeah …… I will be as good as the next time deficit to kiss on charges good! A ten yuan …… No, this is too cheap; fifty? Jesus seems very cheap; one hundred good …… seems very loss yeah. Otherwise, the money received five hundred, three hundred received no money …… (blood Rao: I admire that you can get distracted while kissing, so I’ll give you a ‘reward’)
felt the sting from the neck there came, I could not help but cried out: “Does it hurt!” Look at Trafalgar, a look helplessly looked at me and said: “how do you like to go to God it was so, so I do not have to attract force it? “Having also self-serving shook his head, then bowed his head continues to bite my neck.
“Ah ……” What he tried to speak, but his mouth uttered Jiaoyin. Trafalgar raised his head and licked my earlobe and whispered in my ear and said:? “You invited me this is what my little fairy” ears out there feeling dumb plus Trafalgar hot breath and exhale sound, extremely The hot. I could not help twisting under the body, said:. “Ah …… Trafalgar, I’m hot,” I can not believe that such a sweet voice and baby will actually come from my mouth issued.
Trafalgar bite Yaoxia Chun, such as making a major decision like what quickly got up from me, and turned burst into the bathroom. Listen bathroom squelch the sound of water, my face suddenly heat up. (Blood Rao: finally know shy … clap addition, parents who worry …… not happen losers of ……!) Lying on the sofa, thinking …… mess up one or two drops of cold water dripping onto his face, I then recovered.
I learned much later, Trafalgar said kiss was originally prepared to let me kiss his face, did not think …… after hearing the truth, in addition to my twitching mouth, do not know what to say.
watching wet Trafalgar, I pointed to my hair and asked: “how do you not dry?” Trafalgar shoved Shuaishuaitou, smiled and said: “OK, good …… just awake, I’m sorry the …… “sound becomes clearer and smaller. Trafalgar looked like something wrong as a child standing on the couch edge, hair still wet, dripping down, drop in the body, on the ground, it looks like there is more to be more pathetic pathetic.
I got up and went into the bathroom, picked up a towel looks quite clean. When out of the bathroom, see Trafalgar also head down standing there, not help a bit funny. Trafalgar walked around, I took Trafalgar, pressed him to sit on the sofa. Kneeling on the couch rubbing his hair with a towel to help him.
Trafalgar around my waist and whispered: “You’ll hate me what I was wrong ……?” My light laugh:. “has already happened, you do not say who is right right, I also true …… only say that opposites attract it, “slowly rubbing Trafalgar hair, I asked:.”? bamboo ya what you …… “
slender and slim fingers gently around my lips, Trafalgar said: “For now, this is the secret ……” but did not deny nor admit. Trafalgar rubbing his hair to help Pakistan grumbles: “true stingy.” See the hair is almost dry, and from the bathroom, I took out a comb, combed help Trafalgar was rubbing my hair a mess.
I looked triumphantly Trafalgar:! “Well,” Trafalgar smiled, took my hand comb. I was full of puzzled look, he’s reached his hand I turned around, and then murmuring up on my hair. I am full of doubts in Trafalgar hat to wear after I answered. I looked in the mirror inside the hat, wearing large clothes villain, hey straight smile.
Trafalgar hugged from behind me: “I’d go, right?” I nodded:. “. stroll will send me back into the bedroom, I do not know the way it” Trafalgar laughed: “We are a couple so it seems …… “Having bow leaning on my shoulder than stuffy laugh. I only looked helpless baby love big cats, said: “! Line, let’s go.”
from Trafalgar single bedroom out, the weather has been a little dark. Trafalgar go with a look at me giggle, the students cited the passing surprised ……
passerby: “?! that’s what he actually laughed at Trafalgar yeah Hey …… I saw Trafalgar, he actually laughed at the male dormitory …… yeah …… right right here ……”
Student B: “Iceberg men actually laughing at Trafalgar What happened that he would laugh???”
Boys C: “I have not made a mistake Ah hey, you hit me …… ouch, sore Ah …… seems not dream.”
girl Ding: “wow, Trafalgar laugh too handsome yeah …… I want to quickly shoot down A handsome handsome!!”
I am extremely silent, quickly speed up the pace. Trafalgar followed up, followed by curious people who have followed up; I’ll pick up the pace, Trafalgar quickly followed up behind him curious masses were also quick to follow up; Finally, I simply trot, Trafalgar very crisp grabbed my hand trot up behind people and have started to guess my identity ……
Girl A: “That man is male or female yo, with a good close look Trafalgar Ah ……”
Lu Renyi: “Is Trafalgar really GAY?”
Student C: “Maybe it’s a girl, and deliberately so afraid to wear …… our school girls found chanting.”
boys Ding: “It looks like …… that person for Trafalgar, it is very important thing!”
Finally, Trafalgar anger. He took me and shoved stopped, the group behind the gossip lovers on roared: “You do not trouble trouble Ah, Get out or I Zouren it!!” And then, the majority of gossip fans a moment. Trafalgar not worry, said: “disappear!” Carter, the majority of gossip fans immediately disappeared.
my side and nodded approvingly: “amazing ……” Trafalgar snappily patted my hat: “! gloat like you this little fairy,” Hey I smile:. “Thank you, praise it,” Trafalgar hand hug I live; “unsightly things did not, and we take stroll.”
“That would not have such a right?” I frown slightly. Trafalgar side head pro my face: “I like it, hey.” Twitch under the mouth, I look to the other side, whispered: “I handed ……” Trafalgar smiling at me: “What did you say?” I twitch under the mouth, smiled and said:. “you hear voices of the”
leisurely stroll down after Trafalgar accompany me back to the dorm. He looked at the small sign on the door “witch’s nest” five words, smiling, said to me: “Like attracts like Ah …… very suitable for you.” When I hear deliberately. Trafalgar took out the keys from the purse and handed me: “Here, you forgot.”
unceremoniously took the keys hanging on a key ring, I look to Trafalgar: “Do you want to go sit?” Trafalgar shrugged: “I do not care ……” I just opened the door, just standing white Wilson not far from the entrance. She looked at me: “yo, you back?” And look at me behind Trafalgar:. “Zhuoya A, will it come in and sit,” Trafalgar nodded and followed me into the door.
I just rely on the sofa, Xue Han came over and looked at me concerned: “? better you sick of it,” I nodded:?. “better,” “eaten it” “eat, Trafalgar doing. “” thirsty not? “” okay. “
“Yes, someone looking for you!” “ah who ……?” I looked up at her. Han Xue smiling, said: “People in your room

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Some praise or be cited Xu Jia Hua Minrui eyes looked Jiang Chu. Expert is an expert, just watching the chefs in action, coupled with the air being filled with the fragrance of their minds is already begun to cook today

see such a situation, Feng Jia Hua also relieved to carefully watch the chefs performances, also took the opportunity to learn just two strokes. You know the usual Wasserstein also liked to cook, but most of the time by himself kept groping learning, there is little opportunity or time to look at other people operate. Today a rare opportunity, he naturally will not miss.

soon, two chefs would have been the first dish is done, transfer to a plate until after the chefs of the dishes, such as the waiter quickly is next on the plate side seats guests, so guests review.

now entered the most critical review the entire program phase, and a few cameras are put in focus the guest seats, only two close-range shot camera still be the second course in the production of chefs.

In general, a standard meal judge than the “color.” incense, “taste.” type, “creative and nutrition concept was introduced in some recent years as long as a dish on these aspects can impress guests , even a successful dishes, in this famous.

Blue Whale island main kitchen Xu’s first course with Blue Whale Island is one of the main ingredients a recent

fish. Because the twin island fish farm was only good fish being reared a year’s time, there is no caviar comes in this black gold production, so it’s a hit or Jesus fish.

this time in order to ensure Xu Jesus fish flavor, after slaughter scene, and did not do too complex cooking, but use a relatively simple approach. White fish, cut into very thin large obstacle, then embroiled ham silk, silk towering pine, ginger, onion, etc., then the steamer and steam, after a few minutes, a delicious steamed mussels fish rolls on the well.

because with fewer continents, plus steamed’s sake, this dish is a good way to maintain a hasty delicious taste of fish, while towering pine fragrance also make this dish more than a hint of fresh flavor. Watching the guests could not nod screen guests and keep records in a notebook look. Xu Jiahua know this dish is fairly guests tastes.

which, in addition to Xu’s own skills, those who brought Reiki Jesus fish is also a good one bright spot. Because Reiki relationships, whether or Zhiyuan Villa Blue Whale Island produced ingredients, not only is no fishy taste cells, and mostly out of an unforgettable fragrance.

if replaced by General Jesus fish breeding farms, because prolonged use of feed, as well as different levels of pollution in the water body’s sake, even the cooking technique and then powerful, inevitably there will be flaws. However, the use of ingredients with aura, that concern does not exist, and this is the blue whale island cuisine chefs can dedicate itself to consider the characteristics, and not be worried about other issues.

Blue Whale Island Executive Chef final touches Zhiqiang and Xu Jinglei selected ingredients are diametrically opposed, he chose animals hare.

rabbit farming because a lot of the ingredients of this relationship, the price is not very high, even in normal people at home can be considered sparse usual dishes. Zhiqiang final choice in such scenes as the ingredients Ingredients hare first course is undoubtedly to be risking a certain risk, but it is enough to prove that his heart has considerable confidence.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” record: rabbit cold sweet, with a deficiency of spleen and thirst-quenching, cooling and soothing, Lee colon effect. There is also poetry praise: “rabbit everywhere, the smell of food on the nurturing dove birds, beasts nurturing rabbit.” Its nutritional value and digestibility are living in the first of a variety of other livestock and meat, contain up to the full price of protein, rich in vitamins complexes, as well as iron, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, cobalt, zinc, and copper.

This time, pass Zhiqiang choice is a whole hare is already a good deal, after the brush on a special sauce, which began in the oven baking. Originally roasted rabbit is best grilled over an open flame, in order to ensure genuine,canada goose jackets, but considering the situation at the scene, and finally chose Zhiqiang relatively safe and stable oven. Of course, this one is a final Zhiqiang flame grill for a little strange reason, after all, as a senior hotel executive chef, not a chance to participate in a lot of barbecue, so a little rusty on the way also inevitable.

replaced if the Wasserstein this wild life experience, barbecue skills is already a consummate guy certainly be more willing to use open flame barbecue. In particular, some with special aroma of wood in the barbecue while those flavors into the meat will feed into, adding more layering.

hare is a food processing plant in Tennessee after slaughter sent over there by refrigerated trucks, although the time interval of a few days, but the freshness and not much decline. As a final brush up sauces Zhiqiang said, is not to say that popular goods sold in the market, but Feng Jia Hua careful deployment of good material.

because often in the wild and marine barbecue, eat like pondering on the sauce Jiahua will move from a lot of thought, developed several different sauces. Some fish and seafood barbecue sauce is used, some are used to grill poultry, some of the materials used is beast.

these sauces After configured, Feng Jia Hua also particularly vault into the house behind, so that they “Shen Ling array, spent a lot of time being.

the Wasserstein was originally a guy like appetites, his secret sauce of course is designed for barbecue this link, coupled with the “Shen Ling array, Reiki role in making the grade rises a lot of sauces .
When Feng Jia Hua
out the sauce and chefs share the kitchen when we are highly prized because it is wonderful. After all, with such high quality sauces, produce top

kang leaves, two do not require large cumbersome, as long as the sauce evenly over the food! Bu. What is expected of old friends one time on it. Although this would reduce a lot of fun as well as weakening the chef’s personal style, but for the mass production of food is undoubtedly a boon.

This time, the final Zhiqiang also out on this consideration, after all this time the main purpose is to promote food festival Blue Whale Island cuisine, some of the parts is simple, the price is right food should be worth more to the vast number of visitors Recommend .

final Zhiqiang originally took the whole rabbit, began to brush the sauce, put the oven timer, I clearly see the Wasserstein guests look somewhat disagree. After all. Such a simple approach, coupled with the very common ingredients, it is difficult for guests to have a resonance at once.

But when Sister box is opened, the aroma and rabbits that scattered golden color or make guests feel themselves. When Feng Zhiqiang skillfully took the knife, the body of the rabbit meat into paper-thin slices of thin,canada goose outlet, when guests can not help but applaud the initiative to end up Zhiqiang.

You know, this knife who will. But to do so as the final Zhiqiang skilled and people look pleasing, it is actually not an easy thing. It seems more likely to end Zhiqiang is a guy to show their strength, know your knife is good, the last in front of an audience and guests Louliaoyishou.

hare meat slices until after after being sent, guests discovered that these rabbit meat out of the skin is roasted golden brown,cheap canada goose, but the meat inside was still white, it is surprising. Among the wanton filled with the smell, the taste of their own in addition to the rabbit, as well as anise, technology, etc. However, spices, sauces appear to be those who brought some of their own.

gently bite on a small mouth, Huangbing Zhong feel crispy skin, but that is not dry delicate meat, grilled meat and the general performance of relatively dry far. Perhaps because of the deployment of a very good reason sauce, rabbit embryo itself have fishy smell disappeared, people eat them feel more refreshing.

hare itself childhood living in slick Zhiyuan Villa, eat grass contains Reiki, drink mountain spring water is clean, green food can be described as a model. Coupled with the Wasserstein special sauce, let the rabbit meat dish in keeping fresh nutritious qualities, it is also adds a touch of distinctive taste.

fact 黄炳仲 objective seems to be drumming basically two dishes rather, Xu volume nutritious steamed fish and sell the better spectacle; This channel burning chair hare on culinary skills and not much worth areas of concern, but it is the most precious place it here.

Huangbing Zhong vision of what a sinister, saw through the key to this dish is not the time for barbecue, nor the end of the knife Zhiqiang, but the sauce on top. If there those sauces, even if it is not found and the Blue Whale Island general quality ingredients, ordinary people at home are also able to use the oven to make mouthwatering delicious.

this moment, the interest 黄炳仲 was completely mobilized.
He originally thought
Blue Whale Island chefs will choose the finest ingredients, with the most sophisticated way to make today’s culinary dishes, food and general activity it is not much different. Huangbing Zhong itself participated in numerous such activities, in the heart still has a trace of boredom, I believe that also the other guests would thus agree.

This time, the Blue Whale Island chefs first dish on the selection of the moment is not considered too rare ingredients with the most simple way of cooking, it is already brighten up.

After all, to such a level 黄炳仲 general food already is not easily make them feel echocardiography. In particular, some highbrow cuisine, ingredients must be the top choice, with the most sophisticated approach to cooking, only for a few occasions arise, in order to promote the fact very difficult.
into old age, most thought 黄炳仲 placed on top of those prices are not high, but the taste is a simple method of making dishes. Because in his opinion, only very easy to promote, easy to be accepted by the majority of people dishes, is the real delicacies.

now Blue Whale Island areas on the first dish on the food festival reflects this trend, let 黄炳仲 very identity. Steeped in the food industry for several decades, he, after tasting the flavor sauces, barbecue sauces suddenly saw one of the opportunities. He already made up his mind to find the Wasserstein after the meeting, to inquire about the origins of the sauce, if you can be mass-produced, it is entirely a cornucopia.

After tasting the two chef’s cuisine, guests gallery guests will continue to watch the chefs in the field of entertainment. As earlier review records, we are already well remember, make comments on the final stage of waiting for events.

tourists of course not idle, there is a natural next waiter carrying dishes back and forth to try to eat, so that visitors can enjoy the chefs craft. Although it is a wolf little more meat, only a small part of the visitors to taste a little bit of nothing, but the visitors emotions still are well mobilized.

Over time, the operating table cooking it more into the state, a variety of cooking techniques are emerging, it is to allow visitors an eye-opener. The venue was filled with the enticing aroma, it is brought back visitors Chan Chong heart, let them hate all authority into the embodiment of gourmet guests gallery.

It was a pleasant and painful process!

insurance: Thank you for your support!

text comprehension manor chapter four hundred twenty-seven surprises

seedlings Whale Island two gourmet chef’s first road on the use of relatively simple Yi sobbing like ten now everyone’s eyes, food festival officially opened the prelude. But things in this world that is so in fact, the more simple things, which has shown more meaning.

After a wonderful first course after the presentation. Guests and visitors to the next section: dish on the addition of more expectations. Visitors mood is also relatively high in the visitors could not help but gasped quietly began to appreciate the chef next two performances.

After appetizers, two chefs are invariably chose the more complex production process of the second dish, after all, some of the ingredients have to be really complicated process in order to compare their features perfectly manifested.
This time, two people
selection has undergone some changes, Xu selected are out of the main material produced Zhiyuan Villa ingredients, and eventually Zhiqiang has chosen the side of the Blue Whale Island produce. It seems to be a lot of two people but also to show their talent in all aspects, not just one aspect.

Xu cooking is a medicated ingredient is produced pigeon Zhiyuan Hills there are a variety of rare fungi, as well as selection from a variety of medicines from the pharmacy come. In our traditional health care among the medicine as tonic, so the long river of history, many herbs also emerged.

medicated diet originated in China’s traditional culture and Chinese diet, Diet in Chinese medicine is, cooking and nutrition guidance theory, in strict accordance with medicated formula will be traditional Chinese medicine and some have medicinal value of food relative to compatibility, the use of a unique country diet cooking techniques and modern scientific methods made of a certain color, smell, taste and shape of the delicious food.

It is a traditional Chinese medical knowledge and cooking experience combined with the product. It is “blending Medicine in food.” Both the drug as food, turn the food assigned to medical, drug strength by food, food aid drug Viagra. Both complement each other; neither has a high nutritional value, but also disease prevention medical treatment, physical health, longevity.

Xu uses two carefully selected pigeon. Clean after being inserted into the abdomen in the selection of pigeons Wei Huang, angelica and other herbs of Chinese fire started on the soup simmer. Of course. Such action before the action began Chiang is already started, after all, medicated stew needs more time, ranging from one program to record.

this time, medicated material inside is already stew Sulan, a Unit charming aroma began to emerge from the holes into the casserole. Filled the venue space. Among the pigeon meat, mingled with a hint of bitter incense. Huang Wei taste that is, under a combination of both. ‘d Make people feel a new experience.

this time, Xu began to casserole inside Qi joined the jujube and dogs, and then continue to improve the lid be stew. Huang Wei Qi, jujube blood, after the effect of both on the compatibility of herbs to strengthen, plus pigeon warming function; This Road Diet is very suitable for the elderly or physically weak blood and weak women eat. Especially now about to enter the dry autumn after eating such Warming Diet, can significantly improve the individual’s constitution, and slowly adapt to the change of seasons.

but this is too much trouble to track medicated herbs compatibility and usage, after all, is the third drug toxicity. Not all people are fit for human consumption medicated. Generally. Under the best experienced chef or cooking guide practitioners, according to the specific situation of herbs to increase or decrease the guests. So as to achieve the best results.

two, materials and time needed for this dish is very troublesome, if the general people in order to achieve the level of Xu Jinglei, it is very difficult. The first is the pigeon and herbs, a not unusual, as long as the markets and among pharmacy you can buy, but maybe there is a little difference in the quality of Bale. The main thing is to use the broth stew, which is the blue whale on the island will be some secret soup. Elsewhere simply do not have the.

Blue Whale Island in a corner inside the kitchen, there is a very special place, and that is boiling broth kitchenette. The reason that is special, because in addition to the kitchen there is also carried out using firewood outside cooking, other places are used up gas or liquefied petroleum gas.

this one small room inside, the construction of a conventional large Tuzao, the diameter of two meters above the two perennial flame cauldron, which has been in hot broth with. In general, the hotel or the hotel’s kitchen there will always be such a soup production sites in order to facilitate the process of cooking broth readily available as needed.

broth level of quality at a great extent can even taste the dishes around, after all, a lot of the time, basically belong broth must be equipped with the

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Card-like, “with his life that I will never let Qian children injured again.”

Yue Qian marks Mouzhong cast a mist of tears, she looked at him, her a little, had already broken hearts, has been his sweetness to fill up.

a crystal teardrop slid down, and then one, he reached to catch,canada goose outlet, then rolled one, he slowly dry it with a kiss on the lips, with a hoarse voice, said: “After the back becomes crying, and not allowed crying, I told you, I’d feel bad, cry …… “Chen Luo night sounds to low,” I want to kiss you. “

there …… someone ah! Yue Qian marks rubbed tears, embarrassed to indulge into his arms, two of the world have forgotten the sweet presence of others.

Chen Qian marks a night beside his infatuation is particularly unusual. Huo Yong Xi, shaking his head, he said: “? Miss Yue, you still do.”

“crap, or I go, but added that the two spoke very sick person still there?” Yue Qian Luo night bell also heard the words of Chen coax her sister, but his mouth so that she was actually very happy.

“people still, but his thoughts temporarily vanished, Miss Yue can say password?” Huo Yong Xi gentle smile.

Yue Qian Ling said without breathing a bunch of code, Huo Yong Xu Xi and Wei Star hands down simultaneously, and then check it, the two-phase viewpoint nod. “Hey, you’re Huo Yong clarity it! Little hazel will be something to you?” She asked.

small hazel? Is that small “Thief” it! Huo Yong Xi replied: “to me, thank you.”

“That old fox blame people say you are really yeah! you have too polite hypocrisy.” Yue Qian Ling criticized mercilessly, “That’s always been your thing, is that we stole yeah, how can these days The victim told the thief thanks? polite is good, it will become too much of a hypocritical fraud, you know? “

“Rainbow Group” sinister than a chick. Huo Yong Xi Momobizai, not saying a word, revealing only helpless smile.

“Ha! yelled good.” It was out of a resentment for themselves, Xu Wei star happy clapping.

hear his voice, Yue Qian Ling spoke again, “yo, Wei,cheap canada goose, vice president, the body unharmed it! hurt all ready?” Her voice is full of ridicule, “Alas! Xueyibujing do not overconfident, like a hero to save US-Oh! Although I very beautiful, but not necessarily vice president Wei is a hero, right? Dian Dian first before the next time to save their own weight. “

star Xu Wei speechless, stiff smile on his face. This woman looks and Qian marks as pleasant, but far apart and do not have the same personality.

“Qian bell.” Yue Qian mark warning light shout sister’s name, these do not stay discreet sister, really makes her headache.

“!! Well sister, you have to take care of yourself, oh,” Yue Qian bell tone softened, sounds and Yue Qian marks exactly the same, too close to each other, she sighed and said:. “brother, I took my sister to you.”

“ah!” Chen Luo night by a nose snorted phrase for her little brother elated. She also used to say, Qian children has always been his, and that she need it “pay” to him? Hearts muttered that he would Yue Qian marks hugged tightly.


“people from the ‘Rainbow group’ out, you actually could not cut into?”
Fan Qin
cruel gaze swept in front of people, all thrown cold, well-known for his cruelty. Just six months is how he treats his daughter to know.

He sent the killer to kill her, she did not just to complete the task, he really is inhuman beast, but would like to go to, no one dared argue him, I’m afraid the wrong thing, in this world disappear tomorrow.

“Night Chen Luo people if they are picked up, I’m afraid to cut useless.” talk is always calm wind, he was lazy leaning on a wall, do not see that he is a first-class killer.

Fan Qin for his work, but only for the money, but he did a maverick, in addition to take over the task,canada goose jackets, other times not ignore his instructions Fan Qin.

Although difficult to tame, Fan Qin it would not embarrass her, because he was out of a lot for Fan Qin eyesore, according to his skill, with better income for himself and his enemies.

for the money, the wind can do anything, if he let go, there is no guarantee that he will not spend money on hiring someone else to take his own life, to this point, Fan Qin has been a legislator.

“cold, can make an exception?” side driving checks, Fan Qin side asked. He knew one of the taboo cold – do not kill women and children, if the wind is willing to sell, and that the girl who had died a hundred times.

But it is also strange to say, to send people to kill Yue Qian marks actually do not have a success. On the traitor, Van Qin always been exterminated, and so he sent experts to kill Yue Qian marks. But she was under the “Rainbow Group” of protection, not succeeded, and now people go to the hands of Chen Luo night, I’m afraid the same tricky. Fan Qin some impatience, had to challenge the cold taboo.

homicide took over Hong Kong, “Lin Gang” boss rewards, cold mouth float hint of a smile, “no.” he simply replied, Xuanshen he left and did not looked down on the Fan Qin, do not say hello to play .

“and so on, the cold, we work for so long, can not make an exception for me?” Fan Qin for his attitude angry teeth itch, a bad attack, really, when he sometimes also face the cold plush feel.

“impossible.” more than a word, but still the answer was undoubtedly vomiting, cold feet without stopping.

“That night, Chen Luo kill it?” Fan Qin shouted.

wind paused, turned around, his eyes are inscrutable look, “Chen Luo night?” His voice was heavy, with a smile on the lips, the eyes, but with a strong ice storm. Slowly shook his head, his irreverent, lazy voice contains Lengsu murderous, “less time, and that price is too high, you can not afford.”

watched him walk out the door, Fan Qin’re mad, in the end who is the master? His fury was dropping things on the table, the anger in other men’s body hair.

“Give me keep an eye on them, there is an opportunity to kill that smelly girl.” he bitterly command.

submissive men looked left, Fan Qin exposed cruel smile, his mark early on Yue Qian disregard the feelings of his daughter.


“still hurt?” for the Yue Qian marks for a drug, Luo Chen carefully pull a good night to her pajamas.

Yue Qian marks shook his head obediently took the pills from his hands.

order to deal with the progress the company has been delayed a few days, Chen Luo night and company executives, employees in the company’s work late, Yue Qian marks also stayed there with him.

Chen Shou Luo night she keep very tight, made almost the rope tied around the waist, and if he can not have to leave, Zheng Hui must defend her.

because we know that even the threatening letters are “Rainbow Group” trick, so Zheng Hui priority now is to protect Yue Qian marks.

Chen Luo night put down the cup, exploration of the probe her forehead, to see her quiet contemplation, and he asked: “? thinking”

“I think ……” Yue Qian bedroom marks look around, “my things are still.”

all of her things, including clothing, jewelry, and even cosmetics, bath appliances are put in the place, hey, exactly like her wedding night, so she now only good to wear pajamas.

“ah, what if lost ……” Chen Luo night gently took her a bouquet of hair, a faint smell of flowers on top, he frankly confessed, “That’s how I want ‘Duwusiren’ it?”

Yue Qian marks red blush. He yo! Always a matter of course when nauseating to his reputation in the outside, no one would believe his mouth as sweet, so amusing people. Her shy think.

she had seen him mercilessly plundered the business he wanted to, but ruthless way, never show off in front of her. She understood how ruthless he can be ruthless, but she had no fear. Because he has only to her affection, spoiled, do not even speak too loudly, he was always soft-spoken, lest frightened her.

his holding in the palm of her care that they do so for him. Raised his hand, Yue Qian marks carefully touch his eye scar, her heart, in a faint pain.

“I’m sorry.” her soft-spoken apology.

Chen Luo night, covered her back, light laugh:. “It does not matter, do not look so serious like”

“scarring, must play heavy.” Yue Qian good marks remorse when she start with why so heavy?

“No, not really heavy, I do not treat it stood, the scars naturally.” Chen Luo night pulled her hand, kissed on the lips.

“Why?” What does he mean? Yue Qian marks disturbing thought, was to teach her remorse life?

“because this is your wedding gift to me, is a souvenir, you send natural to keep.” to see her upset, Luo Chen smiled happily night, climbed into bed her in my arms, “Look , then I tell my son, this is Mommy send souvenirs so cool! “

again, he was looking over the nauseating coax her happy. Yue Qian marks sighed, “I’ll blame a lifetime, every time I see that, I’ll think of how cruel, how cruel.”

“allowed this.” Chen Luo night muffled Hezu her large hand on her shoulder, his tone down the sink, filled with distressed, “you’ve got the scars it? was not because of my reason?”

“In fact none of your business ah!” she evaded said.

Yue Qian marks the night, then let Luo Chen sigh, she did not accomplish the task, if not, she will not be hunted down. “Do you want to tell me, how did it happen?” Gentle massage her shoulders, he asked that road gunshot wounds.

“I ……” shiver, Yue Qian marks distressed looked at him, “Can not say?”

“Then when I did not ask, to say to say it!” seen fear in her eyes, Luo Chen considerate night shoot ask her back, placed her down.

waist side for her injuries, he was careful to let her Pashui at his side. Will face leaning on his Jianwo, Yue Qian marks ease his breathing warm breath, closed his eyes.

she was very safe, very safe. Said in her own mind, to drive away filled Ju Yi, Yue Qian issued a small sigh marks will relax yourself down, sink and fall asleep. Maybe tonight will not find her nightmare.

marks hugged the warm Yue Qian, Chen Luo night smelling her scent, found himself tense up. Hell, he curses his own reaction, and now can not touch chin children, he forgot her body hurt yet?

forced himself to calm down, he could not help but bow to kiss Yue Qian marks foreheads. She squirm a little, unexpected lift lift lashes smiled at him, then they close the Juanjuan’s, small lips exposed hint of a smile.

marks Qian Yue looked cute smile, Chen Luo night surprised to find his desire subsided, replaced by a deep pity. Gently spread slowly in his mind, he was ever calm, hugged her, he would sink into himself intoxicated dream.


door was gently pushed, quiet nest on the sofa reading a book Yue Qian marks immediately looked up to see come back, she chuckled again.

“My God, how did you get in?” she thought, security personnel in the building do is put fake? Yue Qian marks sat up and looked at the face of a woman and her general appearance.

“They are asking me how to go out? also sent sent me up.” Yue Qian bell sat on the sofa to sit down, think of the security guards downstairs as her sister.

Yue Qian marks Dailiaoyixia, funny shook his head. They did not alert too, right? See Qian Ling a shirt, jeans, and always wearing a skirt himself entirely different, would take her as their own.

“What do you do?” Yue Qian marks put down the book, Stern asked. She knew nothing Qian Ling will not come.

“I see you, ah, to see her husband there to bully you, by the way -” Yue Qian Ling remove small bag from the pocket, “to send you to the drug.”

“drug delivery?” She took the small bag, which is similar to the ointment strip drugs.

“she said Tuesday that will help you in wound healing, to rub your time.” Yue Qian Ling said.

“ah, know, for me to thank her.” the drug back into the bag, Yue Qian marks close to her sister looked carefully watched, touched her cheek, “how so look at me, where wrong?”

“Gee, you look so good to see, a good husband to you now!” Yue Qian Ling quipped, “The long throw back your brother here, and see if you like Huojiang Shi as before, only now being hurt a few days, radiant, a happy look. “

“Do not gab.” Yue Qian marks blushing knock her nod. In fact, I really was Qian said in a bell, she was so happy these days! Good heart at ease, so nervous all day until no longer live.

“But how you put a person in this? too unsafe.” Yue Qian Ling frowned, “Rainbow said Tuesday the man has not given up the idea to kill you, I remind you to beware of that.”

“the man?” is their father ah! Thinking and far, Yue Qian marks sighed, “Chen was walking the night suddenly, will be back soon. Qian Ling, you say I’m here, he will not be attracted to danger?”

“rainbow sister also afraid that they will deal with Chen Luo night, I heard that his men have a very powerful killer, kill people absolutely can not escape.” Yue Qian Ling see her sister white face, busy appease said: “Rest assured that the killer is said do not kill a woman. “

“If he wanted to kill the night-chen it?” Yue Qian marks uneasy trembling, “I am afraid of the night, like Chen and nanny for my sacrifice. Qian Ling, I am afraid, I am so useless, what do can not. “

“Do not worry, brother will protect you, will protect his own, he is not out of trouble if he can not do anything to protect themselves, rainbow sister will not put you over to him.”

see so confident bell Qian Yue Yue Qian marks or sigh, she muffled, said:. “I do not see any one person I love hurt, I’d rather die, it does not look like a chin bell again, I left the night you said Chen, will be better? “

Yue Qian did not answer the bell, the door was flung to.

“How dare you!” Chen Luo big step came in the night, his face Yin Zhi and frightening. He walked Yue Qian marks a hold up her own to sit down on the sofa, she was clinging to the trembling in his arms.

“I just take a few minutes, you’re going to leave me in the design, I should have hit you, would you buy a bar chain in the side chains.” Chen Luo night’s tone showed his anger, but once The Yue Qian marks in his arms, and his face was gentle down.

“on …… I’m sorry.” Yue Qian marks softly said, knowing that he was very well done, she carefully around his waist, obediently motionless in his arms tired.

Yue Qian Ling fascinating look at the rumored “cold if cold steel” Chen Luo night, with the arms of Yue Qian scar tenderness, gentle face down, when his fingers down her hair began when Yue Qian Ling’s eyes stare bigger smile also expanded his face up.

Oh! It’s incredible, it seems Chen Luo night is really love love my sister, look at his performance no one else intimacy, Yue Qian bell tasteless coughed.

Yue Qian marks fair face flush, and twist the sake of leaving his arms, but more overbearing Chen Luo night

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He smiled a smile, rubbed his forehead.

do not know if you know this girl he arranged beside her so much detective would react?

will turn angry hopping?

he knew doing so might offend her, but he really do not worry.

She is the only life he cherished person, then never let her out of any accident.

so he sent five of six experts will act as a servant flame, got into the Happy Hill.

them or Happy Hills Zhuangding or garden gardener or cook in the kitchen ……

more unusual is that these people often do spy,cheap canada goose.

no matter what kind of job driving the car lighter cooked.

appearance and ordinary, Bansi never exposed flaws -

he used to put everything in the hands of

Bansi never exposed flaws -

After all, the girl hiding in the water clouds country,canada goose jackets, Lin little princes and know his feelings for her.

if he used to threaten her own words, it really is an incredible thing troublesome.

So, although she knew the wind around a month between a glass, he still could not send the master secret protection.

she was fine, then it is naturally not be better.

if there is an emergency thing, and he have managed to deal with ……

he used to put everything in the hands, even if one knows the future of wind Ling cigarettes to blame him, and he refused to take it.

little girl saying one fierce, decisive and, in fact, the heart should still be in love with him.

or else it will not leave the child.

Although he
solid tires with an occult easily afford to fight.

Ling cigarettes in the end but the wind is a master of martial arts, but also through Poison.

just do not want her child if she knocked some another way ……

He looked up at the sky, already two more hours, today’s secret letter should be coming, right?

today she did not know what to eat, what to do ……

past two months, such a letter two days a messenger never wasted too, so it would not worry about him.

stood up and eat a little something, and began processing instruments -

finally – on the case of a few instruments all the processing is completed.

He stood up to watch the hourglass, the heart suddenly sank.

is already a three-shift hours, and why that ‘letters from home’ does not come? ?

This is a situation has never happened before!

is what happened, or delay in that letter stayed on the road?

his mind some slight disorder that.

stood up and walked a few steps in the big tents to off-balance Kanliaoyikan.

do not know when to float the snow, the snow were numerous, do not know when off the ground.

how is it? Briefly say

perhaps the slippery snow delayed a bit ……

concerned about the chaos. He is still too impatient. She can not have anything of ……

night passed, and that sealed his letter from home is always extremely worried about did not come.

Palace submerged street all night, the place where his residence from wind Ling smoke that town enough to have eight hundred miles away.

but there are some 400 in the mountain, he would not know her sudden there specific situation.

and now he even immediately rush past, but also the latest tomorrow morning to get her there.

if she has an accident, he had no time to rush to the rescue!

his long breath, and told myself to be calm.

He arranged around a lot of staff around her, if she really, what happened, these people can not be an also ran not come back.

back a long, he will know things about. To layout staff.

dawn, finally came a vigil outside feeding the soldiers: “What is man?!”

“is …… it’s me. Jinyun Heng, asked to see the princes.”

Palace submerged street heart sank: “Let him come!”

a black brilliant clothing boy staggered rushed in, plop kneeling on the ground: “!, will host, something went wrong.”

Palace icy fingers submerged street in a moment,canada goose outlet.

Thaksin passed as expedited court documents in the eight hundred years, a station pass a station. Break people Xiema not delay messenger.

it Jinyun Heng is the second channel to send ‘letters home’ messenger responsible for the first messenger sent a letter to the third messenger there.

will then directly to the third messenger ‘letters home’ to the palace submerged street here.

The second channel is now personally
breathless messenger came, and who also took such a heavy injury ……

“how is it? say a brief”

slightly trembling fingertips

“how is it? say a brief”

Palace submerged street strong pressure frantic, Chen Sheng said.

“will be the main intrinsic yesterday under GENOTYPES first messenger should be able to receive a letter, but waited more than an hour, have not seen the first messenger of sight. subordinate do not worry, we personally find along the way collusion.”

“found in the meridional first messenger of the valley and other parts of clothing and shoes, under near searching for a long time to find a residual arm, looking arm wounds should be injured by the Water God crossbow, probably in other parts of the corrosion off. subordinate glance bad, immediately want to rush back, but, in their ambush, under desperate rushed out, and the third was the messenger of collusion, had just fled back third of their misfortune messenger Water God crossbow, unfortunately die …… “

wounds on his body has several channels, there are blood kept flowing.

half limping on one leg, showing him how dangerous the scene last night.

palace pale face instantly submerged street.

strikes a chill from head Zhiguan heel, the whole person as fall into the abyss.

fingertips trembling slightly.

fear, the fear that is biting, like being a grasp of the heart and life and crush.

he thought – his whole life would no longer fear.

just did not think he heard the news of the accident messenger let him tremendous fear sudden and devastating!

because -

this messenger accident Ling wind directly underlie the safety of smoke!

as he guessed right, that letter recorded the wind Ling smoke trivial Lin family’s faith has fallen into the hands of little princes!

That, indirectly exposed the whereabouts of wind Ling cigarettes.

Lin little princes since found a trump card, the reason can there be not in use?

I’m afraid he has now rushed Happy Hills wind Ling smoke a disadvantage!

did not expect to always have a hundred secret sparse, made such a big mistake!

own hands the handle to the other side ……

should not be so quick to succeed -

clenched his fingers in the sleeve, now things since developed to this point, he even sudden death is useless.

first idea to solve is the key.

his breath, cold air made him a lot more calm mind.

now is not the time to panic.

must first determine that the wind Ling smoke there is not already there was an accident.

her around a glass Kazama month, another competent hands of his six secret protection.

Lin little princes against her if you want, you should not be so quick to succeed -

east Pitt couple has had a martial arts, but people just Bifu produced, so he will also be able to do a couple of self-protection ……

speak calmly, Lin grab A little princes even smoke, but also to blackmail their own, will not kill her.

she even fell in the hands of little princes Lin, there will not be life-threatening.

he does not really smoke frenzied Albanian unfavorable, or else, he submerged street palace retaliation is bound to be extremely tragic, would make him regret this life is born!

his little one, the moment to make a decision.

waved, so that Jin Yunheng down to rest and recuperate.

out of the off-balance, one Doushou release a purple flag flowers.

less than a moment’s effort, black flame, blue flame, then rushed yan, fell in front of him:. “may the Lord have anything Jizhao?”

Palace street submerged by the release of the congregation is convened an emergency department flag flowers. This flag flower palace submerged street though, but never used.

his subordinates are usually called dispatch summoned the congregation.

particular, three of them in the barracks, just send a messenger soldier can.

actually did not expect to spend a flag which represents Urgent purple flower!

depriving the three of them saw this, almost too late to change clothes and ran to.

What exactly is not a major event?

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

stop here today.

apparently an accident

Palace submerged street crap they are different, speak very succinctly: “Black Flame, you led the brothers to assist the black flame door Gen. Min Bi siege, attack the more intense the better, the best I can make a big camp illusion. “

and turned around to see yan: “yan, yan you lead five hundred disciples along the way check it out the door, search a pedestrian Lin little princes and his whereabouts not positive conflict, with a five-door secret order speedily pass the flame to the newspaper. I am. “

“blue flame, you led the children of five hundred of the door ready to take orders, once yan people over there who released the findings of fireworks, make haste to send troops to collusion. remember that you have to make-up people dispersed into 金云国, try not to reveal their whereabouts. “

after all – it is in the heart of 金云国 Happy Hill, he still did not capture down the site.

team of people simply get ……

“Yes!” trio promised soon split up.

just happened also alerted the Mi Min, she headlong rush over.

Palace submerged street and asked her two siege of know-how, they Qingzhuangjiancong, alone on the road.

he still disguised as a bearded man arena.

riding a yellow Puma detour away from the city straight down (where the massive flow eve Hills town)

eight hundred miles, he ran the whole day, so he arrived already midnight when the city falls away.

he nor the city. Around to the outside of the Great Lakes tall.

still did not come to the lake, then a heart sank.

Island Lake aloes direction faint hearts the fire, apparently in trouble!

midnight and no ferry, palace submerged street in a circle around the lake, and finally in a small unmanned Wanli found a small fishing boat.

fishing boat tied to the shore, gently floating in the water.

moment he is rude, jumped fishing, unlock cable, they would incense Island direction crossed out.

just draw to the lake, on both sides of the sound waves, two black shadows dart up from the water.

only an empty shell lure me fooled

night in two coldness flash, a Ben throat, a Ben belly.

that watershed crescent thorns, strange blue light shining in the moonlight, apparently coated with toxic!

powers of the two men look very low, swift shot, but Henla tricky position.

Palace submerged street seems well prepared, a slight sneer.

right paddle strokes, but even after the hair-rock, points to a black man’s chest,


slamming Qing Xiang, the point in his Achilles heel.

crescent that black people have been stabbed to the throat stab at the palace submerged half of the street, which is half of the distance he could no longer be achieved.

arm hanging slumped.

plop fell into the water.

another stab crescent of black people in the hands of the palace is still not stab submerged street belly.

Huiying eyes flashed, hands a hemp.

I do not know how the hands of the crescent thorn falls on the hands of the palace submerged street, house submerged street action as fast as lightning, a homeopathic send.

that black people belly a cool, black face instantly.

died in under his own weapon, plop it fell into the water.

Palace submerged street eyes flashed: “Since it was an ambush here, then flows evening Hills certainly had an accident, maybe the wind Ling cigarettes they had been taken away, leaving only an empty shell lure me fooled.”

although he could understand each other’s attempts moment, but because of the wind Ling related to smoke, even if there is a glimmer of hope that he also tried to fight.

he can glass slide, but do not dare cross wind Ling cigarettes to risk -

as long as there is a glimmer of hope, we must win a hundred times,

his cold heart, even though everywhere dense bones, blood everywhere, nothing could shake him.

but he did not want to hurt wind Lingyan half points ……

water and come one after another out of the assassin, but he, too, but in a couple of strokes all killed.

Later Palace submerged street some annoying, though these people do not form a threat to him, but a little less resistance to his itinerary.

Where are they now?
etc. and a black man pounced to his eyes flashed, and flashed a decisive Henli.

palm of a black man shot in the chest, black people Kuangpen black blood, fell down.

strange to say, with his fall, less than a minute of effort, the lake surrounding the sudden boil-like holographic churn up.

many black people emerge one after another.

these black people struggling in the water for a moment, then floating in the water does not move.

It was at that moment of effort, the Palace of the oars in the water submerged street spot disease, such as an arrow drove the boat to the other side.

incense Island had a number of people living with ten, Crossroad traffic, dogs bark.

now it is a dead, full of ruins.

cross lying dead everywhere, man, woman, child ……

Xuexing Qi faint diffuse in the air, once the flow of the evening as Xanadu Resort now has turned into a rubble!

that two heavy doors, has become the focus of the two wood residues are still risking a plume of smoke.

those pavilions, flowers and flames emerge from time to time also issued crackling sound.


In addition to the sound of fire burning, you can not hear other sounds.

Palace suddenly become submerged street feel like this residual smoke, floating. Seemed to have lost all rely on ……

his antecedents had viewed the footprints, footprints range of messy, heavy piles.

Obviously, Lin little princes brought not hundreds, but thousands of people ……

wind Ling cigarettes, their skills and then a big Pitt east, also beat it thousands of people.

And look at this elite
ambush in the water these people, he brought the country are water clouds!

likelihood is with the water god crossbow ……

A smoke it? Bi-east couple do?

Where are they now?

he suddenly flying into the sky, toward the embers still braved the Villa snatched.

I used to deal with these scrap metal
also inexperienced

deterred in the Hills unusually fast lap.

stepped on what residual stone rubble, sparing every corner.

destroyed here yet did not take long to see the extent of the burning flame, this should be a fire burning up at noon.

Shonai a corpse did not.

messy footprints on the ground though, but no signs of a struggle ……

Is A smoke them so without a fight?

A smoke
even willing, that between January glass wind refused it?

he put around the whole survey times, could not find Kazama

canada goose jackets

These benefits, if you drive away Cao Gang,canada goose jackets, Qi is the beneficiary of more than our country, I think, the more the country is very welcome Cao help them go there, Chu Yung, a man not to be greedy, look at your son’s face I made to do this, you think more of it, fees waited smarter than you want to deal with her, you might be in vain. “
Chu Yung looked up at the public 孙成田, public 孙成田 nodded, “Chu Yung, you question my words? Think fee waited all these years everything done, you should be able to want to understand, fees waited so if Chu left, you will regret it. “
Chu Yung laughed, he did not believe that fees will leave waited, waited fees in Chu’s family, he does not take any action, in a word, you can make those charges as well as their family groups, alarmed .
waited as long as the fee does not move, those people will definitely heed fee waited, so he has a full grasp, let Cao Fei waited offer help, help out battle to win more countries, then ……
public Suncheng Tian stomach worms like him, he thought, the public Suncheng Tian are accurate to say that out, “Chu Yung, do you think waited fees not go?, she want to go, I’ve seen her She did not want to go, but she does not go, does not mean you can get help Cao, Cao help you think, who are you a vegetarian? “
public 孙成田 one foot on a chair, flexor impact desktop, smiled and said: “Chu Yung, you know, how many people around the capital around the palace you add up all your troops, is no match for the forces of Cao help? if you treat their mother, Cao Chu help is help, if you move the canal to help the mind, that Cao help, has the absolute ability to unseat your throne, even if it is not clear canal fees waited to help strength, of course, I know not many, there are fees that the East China Sea, he could spend, but also just Cao help of money only, but also just a part, do not you know? Ouyang is a person from another world He can Conspire cloud cover hand for the rain, I just know that he told me that as long as I maintain a balance of the three conditions, the development of the three countries will always go smoothly, but once we move the mind, the three countries will cease to exist, His son, we will take Instead, if you think about it, you will have figured some problems, such as fees waited weapons in their hands, and yes, there are those that are not here glazing, glass Cup, a lot of things, not what we have in this world, this time to Chu, first, because fees waited, the second is to warn you, if you want to keep your throne, do not act rashly, you mind
# # # country, we will certainly and Qi Yue together, that time, you # # #
I say is the truth or a lie. I do not want the country decline Qi, Chu Yung, let her go. “
Chu Yung one time can not digest so much public 孙成田,canada goose outlet, he is like a letter of non-belief, fees waited things, he also know some, but after the second half of the public 孙成田 words, he does not fully convinced Cao help Is it really that big of forces, is clearly not a big on his threat? How can he allow such a threat to exist, he was the emperor who never over, he holds the fate of the state of Chu everyone, of course, this also includes Cao help people who want to survive as long as Cao help on his land down, it must follow the rules of survival of his set, otherwise,cheap canada goose, he emperor, what prestige at all, what significance he not the same as Fu Huang, the emperor made a misnomer.
one thousand kinds of ideas, ten thousand kinds of thoughts, like riding a horse swept the woods, quickly flashed through his mind, so that the public servant 孙成田 end to food and wine, smiled and said: “The emperor, have come, we And they went to a drunk, you see how? “
“No, I still need a lot of memorials marking, leave.”
lengthy public 孙成田 looked Chu Yung, laughed: “?? how the emperor was afraid what my poisonous wine.”
“Of course not.”
public 孙成田 smiles:. “Since it is not, then please drink a cup of the emperor,” said he had poured the wine, handed Chu Yung.
Chu Yung thought good to sit down, took the glass.
public 孙成田 also poured himself a glass of wine, “the emperor, come, we toast, and then you get on the throne, the first time we met, we hope that the two countries neat and smart, befriend generations, the emperor Zhu Jiang Shanyong solid, fortunes Cosmos. ” After
public 孙成田 clink gulp.
words, let Chu tolerate not follow gulp.
public 孙成田 another lucky break on the second glass of wine, “the emperor, you know? much I envy you, in my big Qi, defeating courtiers, never more than faithful servant, you look at your courtiers, fees home permanent home, Liu family, Yan home, Ji family, Ma, endless, no wonder you want to dominate the world, you have enough pride in the capital, but, you do not waste these talents. do not let people chilling, these faithful Once chilling, that you will never lose them. “
Chu Yung eyes, staring straight male 孙成田, public 孙成田 unrelenting met his eyes, smiled and said:? “how, I said too much Chu Yung, is called to know ourselves, know yourself, you are know my secret, presumably a lot, right? do not take this looked at me, hard up, you are certainly not me, how many people have you killed? Chu Yung, I did not brag, you kill, with conspiracy, with that piece of scrap paper and I, when the murder conspiracy were overtly spend, you tried to break through the encirclement of hundred people in it? opponent you tried to eat meat? I’ve eaten, and, more than once because living itself, is a kind of cruelty. Who we are born in the most humane Royal do not speak! “
public Suncheng Tian said, while pouring to Chu Yung, the two so you come to me, drank the first altar wine, and drank a second altar, seeing thirty-five altar wine, so silent fall into two stomach.
Gradually, Chu Yung numerous liquor, then slowly increased, “public Suncheng Tian, ​​you’re not me, you did not go to those I experienced as a royal myself, this should not trust others, the only way to trust that ourselves, I do, yes, I’m going out more country, the thought of those things, I can not calm, so I must let the demise of the more, the more the country does not perish, I my heart at ease. “
“The more you destroy the country, our countries will cease to exist, then, you are a prisoner, a prisoner is not done, you will be peace of mind?”
Chu Yung Yongliyipai table, “I do not believe that we are the best players together Chu, also beat a small child emperor, the emperor what more the country, is just a puppet, not terrible!”
public 孙成田 laugh, pointing to his nose and said:? “Chu Yung, you also know that he is a puppet, then you should know that behind the puppet who I want you to ask Yan Changqing them. Legend of the Ice Palace not know? you better send someone to check it, that the Ice Palace among many more countries of horses, you ah, to the throne sat a long time, have to hold the people, not Let those who really cold heart, abandon you away! “
Chu Yung stumbled to stand up, Bai Zhaoshou, “Zhenbu believe, do not believe what you shit!” Then, Chu Yung staggering pace out the door, leaning out of the door by the guards on the carriage. After
carriage, Chu Yung’s some tipsy feeling totally disappeared, Shining eyes, cold, windy and dense, if let others see it, definitely scared.
ninety-third back to repentance
this section by the panpan0297 make your Hand
back to the palace, Chu Yung-alone sitting on the Throne, and slowly recall public 孙成田 he said those words, for a time, he still can not fully digest, but the public 孙成田 said, he had to pay attention.
Chu Yung decided to try public Suncheng Tian said the truth of those words, tonight, to send henchmen night raid palace guards, hijacking Arab students.
dead of night, the team of twenty people, Chenzheyese, silently sneak into the palace, the public Suncheng Tian said heavily guarded palace is simply a joke, until they entered the palace inside their homes, do not have see someone block.
Suddenly, leaders think back creepy, heart tears along the way without any movement, this too is not common sense.
燕长卿 lived in the yard, a quiet, yard lanterns, wobbled in the wind, faintly shimmering.
all around the outside, just waiting for the guards captain gave the order, they jumped into the courtyard, grab Arab students.
mortal room, surrounded by a bright, surrounding them, and head circumference of a circle of people “and that they, even without notice.
fees waited and Yan Changqing out, Yan Changqing plane sank in water, looked to be the captain of the guards opened the mask goes slightly flustered face, lengran smile, “bird four, it’s you, so to speak, Is the emperor sent you to kill us? “
bird four bend hand salute, “Xia Guan dare come Xiaguan overwhelmed, is orders of the emperor’s will, specially to please the palace.”
“then the king palace, late at night, do not knock on the door, but also with weapons, secretly come in and let the king how you believe you! you do not say, but also to the palace of the king.”
Yan Changqing clap his hands, in the silence of the night, the eve of loud sounds grid.
bird four do not react, they are twenty people have been won, watching them one, one tied up, Yan Changqing laughed: “This time we just sent out twenty people, I thought to be two hundred people? go, four birds, together with the palace of the king. “
In fact, the couple knew they sneak into the palace bird four times, only four of them into the palace than the bird of time, not much difference, just enough fees waited dressed, out of the room.
committee waited for Chu Yung thoroughly chilling, but a moment, she had made up my mind.
“Royal Highness, the child is still small, the middle of the night, and out of the palace is not easy, it is better to let the bird four trip, and report the emperor, the emperor involvement, a trip to our palace.” fee ranging from bird waited four closed the surprise mouth, has stormed back to the room.
fees waited to leave the back, with a stern cold, people feel the fear from the heart, such fees waited, no one read.
bird four made a difficult, watching Yan Changqing, Yan Changqing cold channel: “bird four, you mean, but to accompany the king!”
bird four quickly bent over, “Xia Guan afraid.”
someone came to him untied the rope, put four bird away.
four birds returned to the palace, Chu Yung knew the message, when the bird with the people behind the four, who reported the case, Chu Yung had already started to regret this temptation it.
now, he does not grasp the initiative of Chu Yung, thinking fees waited all these years to pile pieces done, it seems everything on the big Chu Chu Yung, the people of the state of Chu, are favorable economic conditions Chu quickly emerge among the three countries, the vast majority of the reason is because the fees waited and Cao help boost.
remember fee waited for him said that agriculture is the foundation of our country, the protection of national stability, and businessman, business economics, it is a powerful driving force for national development, both complementary and indispensable, all he promulgated term policies are also in line with the implementation of this principle.
If fees waited gone, gone, or Qi Yue, Cao Gang headquarters will be moved out, followed by …… Chu Yung did not dare to think down, public Suncheng Tian said right, this emperor If from the people, and that is not a leaf of water in a boat and want to go also not a pain.
how to do? Chu Yung in Royaldragonbooks Paced back and forth, see Yan Changqing it? So go after him dignity, face, all gone.
fee but waited to hear the tone, if he do not, I am afraid this mess, no one can pack got.
Chu Yung had to change clothes, go eviction palace. seems to have all the
palace lanterns are lit up, according as day, along the way, Chu Yung unhindered until well into the yard.
fees and 燕长卿 waited on the stand in the yard in front of them, kneeling keep black people tied up in a row, which is sent Chu Yung guards.
Rao is his calm again, looking at this scene, a handsome face has changed shape.
“cousin, cousins, this is what you intended?”
Yan Changqing not speak, fees waited been the first opening, gloomy tone, “the emperor, I’m sorry you may have waited fee where I fee sorry for your family can have a place? princes may have against my your place? emperor move for what? If the emperor wanted our family of three lives, a decree, would not be more happy! among the world is not only a state of Chu, if the emperor really not enough for us, then we leave is Do not Chu said that the more the country, Qi, I do not rare, waited as long as I want to charge, just a word, Shoudaoqinlai, nor the emperor’s family threatened to bring charges
# # # I’ve waited fee is a selfish person, in my eyes, only I # #, sister-fee real family, the other, they tried to kill the emperor to kill, I waited absolutely fees do not blink, I have repeatedly tolerated, but also remember that our friendship all these years, since the emperor has been ignoring these feelings, then we leave the house fee is! “
fees waited Speed ​​is very fast, anyone not inserted into the mouth, Chu Yung face, while Green, a
array of white, he now knew, said if fees waited to leave, for fear that he Chu army all out, she could not have stopped, not to mention the army, might not be listening to his command.
after all, because he was greedy.
fee glanced at the crowd waited on cold, cold hearts of a crowd, so the princess heard today reprimanded the emperor, the emperor not here a word, no matter what anger that they can not hold up this life.
unless they all become mute.
Yan Changqing coughed, “The emperor, please come in for.”
Chu Yung stammered, looked a fee waited, waited fee is not speaking, he did not dare move.
fees waited called on the breath of 燕长卿 said:. “and I advanced to the emperor, to the princes of here.”
Chu Yung steal a glance fees waited, gratuitous, hearts addition of a little fear.
into the hall, Fei Chu Yung waited please sit with the host, this sitting down, his eyes staring at Chu Yung, but not say a word.
long while, Chu Yung only stammered and said:. “cousins, I …… I …… I’m going to cancel those thoughts, then, I will not like, and cousins, you do not get angry.”
fees waited lightly: “The emperor, I have decided to take charge his family to flee, the father and mother for my safety, they will certainly agree, please emperor assured that we will never charge families relying on any one country, overseas Many small countries, though small in size, and the people are very honest, all these years, has been living in intrigue, I was really tired, and the emperor’s mind, every day is different, said Jun heart and unpredictable, now I realized to the meaning of this sentence, so please leave home emperor grant that we charge. “
“cousins, you do not go!” As emperor, thinking nothing to fear, this time, he discovered that many years necessarily, that kind of thing has been forgotten – fear and my heart.
If fees waited gone, Cao help also left, fees will go up the East River, home of a pulse fee will retreat away, goes home, Qisha door, which is a chain reaction.
that time, my mind think about most is how to drive Cao help, to capture more countries, shameful.
this series of things, he did not mind, now think about it, I realized that I a bad chess
trick, public Suncheng Tian remind yourself of the intention of it? Is Three stable, it is really important?
“cousins, I solemnly swear to you, in my lifetime, never again to meddle Cao help, never again persecute cousins ​​you do not want to do. Chu just leave you do not mention the issue, OK it? If you really